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E-Cigarettes Produce Less Than 1% of Carcinogens Compared to Cigarettes

Cancer Research Debunks That E-Cigs are A Gateway To Smoking
September 1, 2018
September 6, 2018
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if you switch to e-cigarettes from smoking you take in less than 1% of the carcinogens than you do with cigarettes, a new study come out revealed recently.

It also showed that e-cigarettes are better than “heat not burn” cigarettes that some cigarette companies are trying to push!


The study was conducted at the University of St Andrews, and tried to measure the difference between vapour from e-cigs, the vapour from “heat not burn” cigarettes and traditional cigarettes. Specifically, the researchers were looking into how many carcinogens were in each.

For those who don’t know “heat not burn” cigarettes use tobacco but they heat it up, creating vapour from tobacco. Some of the bigger tobacco companies have started to sell them as an alternative to their cigarettes.

They decided to measure it by how much danger each puff was to a person and then multiply that by how many cigarettes an average smoker would use in their lifetime.

This though isn’t particularly easy, as the number of cigarettes for the average smoker changes from country to country. For example, in the USA a smoker has an average of 14 cigarettes a day, while in the UK the average is 12. This doesn’t sound like much but if you multiply this over a life time, that’s a big difference!

To make the study applicable to as many countries they rounded up and set it as 15 a day.

When they tested e-cigarettes, they covered all their bases, the study measured the vapour from low voltage devices (like SMOKO) to high voltage ones (the big brick like ones).

They worked out that on average an e-cigarette user takes in about 4 times the amount of vapour as a cigarette smoker takes smoke. This is probably due to the body not absorbing nicotine as quickly from vapour as it does smoke. To make it comparable to cigarette smoke they then produced 4 times the amount of vapour as cigarette smoke and measured the results.

Lastly, they tested the “heat not burn” cigarettes using the same method as e-cigarettes.


When they compared e-cigarette vapour against smoke they found that in vapour there is less than 1% of the carcinogens than in tobacco smoke!

That is great news for e-cigs but there were some conditions to this. The study found that although e-cigarettes were much better for you, the higher the voltage the worse they were. The higher voltage vapourizers are normally the bigger modified (mod) types, when they were turned up to maximum voltage was when issues started.

It is important to note that high voltage vapourisers never got as bad as a cigarette of course! The study recommended that if you have an e-cigarette to make sure to keep the voltage low. Of course, with fixed voltage e-cigarettes like SMOKO this isn’t a concern.

The new “heat not burn” cigarettes though did the worst out of all the non-cigarettes. Although they had fewer carcinogens than cigarettes they were much worse than e-cigarettes.

From best to worst then:

  1. E-cigarette (Low Voltage, like SMOKO) = Best
  2. E-cigarette (High Voltage, like the bigger mods)
  3. “heat not burn” cigarettes
  4. Normal Cigarettes = Worst

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